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After many years in the construction industry, Mary decided to choose a career she would love. Her passion to work with animals led her to pursue a career in grooming. She has a special touch for working with timid, scared, and difficult dogs that don't like to be groomed. She has a gentle touch and compassionate spirit which also extends to her Pekinese rescue named Lisa. You can see Lisa in the photo with Mary, along with her boyfriend, Fredo. Mary has three children, one grandchild, and is an avid cook in her spare time.



Christine has been working in the animal field since she was 14 years old. She started in the veterinary world and eventually found her love in the art of grooming. She finds a true love in unique and creative haircuts and loves any opportunity to add color to a furry family member. Her time outside of grooming is divided between tending to the exotic zoo of reptiles and furry friends that have taken over her home, and hiding fruit snacks from her toddler.



Brianna is pretty famous for being a ‘dog person’ within her social circles. She doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t one. When Brianna was little, whenever anyone asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she always replied, “veterinarian” as if there were any other option. As she got older and needed quick jobs to earn some money, it didn’t matter where she was though. Brianna had worked in the restaurant industry and began dreading every single day she’d have to go in. She was miserable, and knew she needed to get out. Brianna didn’t know exactly what job she wanted, but it absolutely had to be with animals. The day finally came where she left that job, and became a Kennel Tech/Day care adviser. Although Brianna worked very hard, she was happy with this job. Two years later, she knew she couldn’t just stay at this job forever. She wanted more for herself. Brianna wanted to begin a career. Exploring her options, she came to the realization she couldn’t be a veterinarian. She knew that it was impossible for her to save every dog, and she would have to deal with putting animals down and just having to deal with it. Brianna then began grooming school, while being mentored by a groomer. She would watch, and listen to him, every word. Any little bit of knowledge she could soak up, she was there for it. Watching him, and his interactions with the dogs made her fall in love with it. Dogs are so tenacious, and they live in the moment; Brianna couldn’t be happier with this job. Brianna finally found her niche in the world of grooming and is quite content.



Penny started as a bather in a grooming shop 12 years ago, and fell in love with the hands-on interaction with all the dogs. The shop owner started teaching her little by little the ins and outs grooming, and within six months Penny was a groomer. There was still a lot she had to learn, but she was loving her new career. After 12 years, Penny has learned a lot from fellow groomers, seminars she's attended, and is still learning new things every day, but most importantly Penny still loves what she does. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family on their boat, fishing or hanging out at the sandbar. She also loves to quilt.



Born and raised in sunny England, Dawn spent six years traveling the globe before settling in the United States. As an animal lover and certified dog trainer, she decided to expand on her passion of working with dogs by attending the internationally acclaimed Merryfield School of Pet Grooming. With a well-rounded education, she is competent in grooming all breeds and absolutely loves her new position in the cage-free environment at Dog Gone Fancy. Dawn is a Level II Reiki massage practitioner and an aromatherapy enthusiast, so your pet will always be treated like royalty with a relaxing grooming experience.

Captain Marty


Captain Marty is a volunteer, usually at the shop on Saturdays to help with bathing and to support the full-time groomers. His full-time job is working as a Project Manager at CMI. Marty uses his time at the shop as a destressor from the corporate world. He also brings in his first mate, Duncan. Did you notice that Rod Stewart resembles Marty? Watch for him around town! He will be more than happy to give you his autograph.

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